Our logistics department

Our logistics department
February 16, 2021 xavi
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Fotografia del magatzem de Ramon Cusiné Hill

At Ramon Cusiné hill, our logistics department are one of the most important key and most important value. The aim of this department is provide a fast and quality service.

Our team is formed by

  • 6 persons in the office.
  • 9 persons at the warehous.
  • 18 persons distributing the products.
Fotografia del personal del departament de logística de Ramon Cusiné Hill

Personal de logística de Ramon Cusiné Hill

Our fleet of vehicles has these characteristics:

  • 16 trucks.
  • 3 fast vehicles to send urgent shipments.
  • Fleet tracked by GPS.
  • Vehicles equipped with elevating platform and electric forklift.
Fotografia d'un toro amb el magatzem de Ramon Cusiné Hill

Toro dins el magatzem de Ramon Cusiné Hill

We can send:

  • 150 tonnes at day by our trucks and vehicles.
  • 800 tonnes at day by external trucks.
  • To Catalonia, Spain, Portugal, France, Germany and the rest of Europe.
  • By marine and air tansport.

We are adaptables, proactives and we are able to make urgent shippings. We are committed to delivering the goods within the agreed timeframes. And with a single mission: to satisfy the needs of our customers.