Organic flour

Weak flour

Soft baking flour

Baking flour

Controlled fermentation flour

Medium strength flour

Strong flour

Great strength flour

Wheat specialties

Wholemeal flour

Extraction flour

French flour

Italian flour 00

Churros special flour

Stone ground flour

Durum Wheat Flour

Other flours and by-products

Spelt flour

Rye flour

Corn flour

Soy flour

Rice flour

Malt flour

Tritordeum flour

“Xeixa” flour

Buckwheat flour

Oat flour

Barley flour

Wheat germ

Wheat gluten

Wheat bran


Haberfellner flour

Haberfellner spelt flour

Haberfellner integral spelt flour

Wheat flour TYP 405 Haberfellner

Wheat flour TYP 550 Haberfellner

Wheat flour TYP 630 Lepinja Haberfellner

Haberfellner rye flour

Haberfellner integral rye flour

Biomühle flour

Bio Biomühle spelt flour

Bio Biomühle integral spelt flour

Biomühle organic wheat flour

Bio Biomühle integral wheat flour

Bio Biomühle rye flour

Bio Biomühle integral rye flour

Selecta flour

Selecta Km0 flour

Selecta T80 flour

Selecta Montagut weak flour

Selecta Sant Jeroni soft flour

Selecta Montseny bread flour

Selecta Taga controlled fermentation flour

Selecta Pedraforca medium strength flour

Selecta Puigmal strong flour

Selecta rye flour

Selecta rye and bran flour

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